8 Best Ceramic Coffee Mugs | Latest Picks [Feb 2022]

Best Ceramic Coffee Mug reviewsAs a coffee lover, you’ve probably spent money on procuring the best brewing appliances and coffee beans. But chances are, you’ve skipped the mug.

You may not know this, but the right mug can greatly enhance your coffee drinking experience. Particularly, the best ceramic coffee mugs deserve your attention.

Why ceramic?

Not only is ceramic highly durable, but its heat retention capabilities are also high. Furthermore, because it’s a neutral material, it does not leave any unpleasant aftertaste in your coffee, allowing it to taste like itself.

And with such a wide range of beautiful designs on the market, you’re bound to find a mug that suits your aesthetic.

So here are 8 of the best ones, reviewed! 

Best Ceramic Coffee Mugs Reviews 2021

Ready to find your perfect new ceramic coffee mug? We guarantee you’ll enjoy our picks, selected based on build, design, and useful additional features.

1. DOWAN Coffee Mugs Set of 2 with Splash Proof Lid and Handle

Highlighted Features

  • A large splash-proof lid helps to maintain beverage temperature
  • Available in 4 different colors: beige, white, grey and black
  • Insulated cork coaster prevents scratches or stains on surfaces
  • Attractive matte ceramic finish and elegant yet modern design
  • Safely constructed without any BPA or other harmful chemicals

DOWAN Coffee Mugs Set of 2 with Splash Proof Lid and HandleOur first pick today is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Affordably priced yet thoughtfully made, each of the mugs in this two-piece set is constructed from premium-quality ceramic and fitted with a number of functional implements.  If you’re in the market for the best insulated ceramic coffee mug, you’re bound to like the sound of this one.

The first thing we noticed about this mug is its cork bottom, which eliminates the need for a separate coaster. You can place this mug on any surface and not be concerned about whether it’s scratching or staining it. Plus, because it’s insulated, the cork bottom also contributes to keeping your coffee hot.

Speaking of which, the mug also comes with its own large lid, which is designed to prevent splashing and keep the temperature of the coffee as you like it. And this nifty little lid also comes with a sliding mechanism which lets you sip your coffee with ease.

One drawback of this mug is that it can’t be washed in the dishwasher due to its cork bottom, which might come off if you try. This is certainly a dealbreaker for those of you who are on tight schedules and don’t have time to hand-wash the mug each time you use it, but given its myriad features and benefits, we think it’s a small trade-off.

2. Bosmarlin Large Ceramic Coffee Mug for Office and Home

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy ceramic construction free of harmful lead and cadmium
  • Designed with a big handle and thick brim for easy sipping
  • Comes in 11 different color variations to fit your aesthetic
  • Large 21oz capacity makes the mug ideal for serial coffee drinkers
  • Can be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher

Bosmarlin Large Ceramic Coffee Mug for Office and HomeThis next pick from Bosmarlin is perfect for those of you who will only take a big, steaming mug of coffee every time. With its capacity of 21 ounces, this mug is the ideal choice for anyone with big caffeine cravings.

Constructed from high-quality, professional-grade porcelain ceramic, this mug has been manufactured without any cadmium or lead. So your coffee will do its job of tasting amazing and not conspiring against your health!

But what we really love about this mug is its design. Typically, mugs of this size are saddled with ugly designs to accommodate the large capacity. Not in the case of this offering from Bosmarlin, which comes with a large handle and wide, thick brim.

We love how the mug looks, too, with its combination of a rustic feel and a quirky, post-modern vibe. The same design is available in a wide range of colors, so don’t worry about it fitting your home’s aesthetic. And once you’re done sipping, simply pop the mug in the dishwasher, and you’ll be good to go!

3. Bosmarlin Matte Ceramic Coffee Cute Mug

Highlighted Features

  • Large capacity of 15oz perfect for the office and home use
  • Durable and food-safe ceramic construction without lead or cadmium
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher and microwave
  • Large handle and wide, thick brim for easier sipping
  • Comes in 8 attractive pastel-themed colors to suit your fancy

Bosmarlin Matte Ceramic Coffee Cute MugYes, we’ve yet another Bosmarlin mug for your consideration. What can we say? We love their designs, durable construction, and large capacities. This pick, in particular, stands out for its beautiful pastel color, which is ideal for anyone with an eye for minimalistic yet colorful interior aesthetics.

But it’s also perfect for satisfying your coffee needs, thanks to a generous capacity of 15 ounces that is well-suited to the caffeine needs felt both at home and at work. And besides, you’ll have such a fun time sipping out of this mug; you won’t even realize when all your coffee runs out!

As with our other Bosmarlin pick, this one also boasts a strong, durable, and food-safe ceramic construction that promises to serve you for many years to come. What’s more, this mug is compatible for use with both your dishwasher and microwave, so don’t worry at all about cleaning it or reheating your coffee when it gets cold!

4. DOWAN 18 oz Large Coffee Mug with Word Blessed Grateful

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to give you a comfortable grip and easy sip
  • Sizable 18 ounce capacity for the voracious coffee-drinker
  • Emblazoned with the words “grateful” and “blessed” to add a touch of homeliness
  • Beautiful dark blue and baby blue color scheme
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • Suitable for beverages of all temperatures

DOWAN 18 oz Large Coffee Mug with Word Blessed GratefulWe have another Dowan mug for you, and this one will appeal to those of you who appreciate a more traditional domestic aesthetic. Available in a beautiful color scheme of different shades of blue, this set of 2 mugs comes emblazoned with the words “grateful” and “blessed” on them. If that sounds like your vibe, you’ll certainly love what this mug has to offer.

Built from high-quality ceramic, these mugs have been formulated without any harmful chemicals like cadmium or lead, so you can sip your coffee worry-free. And because of the top-notch ceramic construction, you also won’t have to worry about your coffee tasting strange.

We love the large, accessible design of this coffee mug; its big handle allows for an easy grip, while the thick lip enables you to sip your coffee with ease. And if you have a tendency to forget about your coffee or tea, don’t worry; just pop this guy in the microwave and re-heat your beverage worry-free. And once you’re done drinking, just put the mug into the dishwasher, and it’ll emerge clean!

5. Mora Ceramics Tea Cup – Dishwasher Safe Coffee Mug

Highlighted Features

  • The ceramic lid can be used as a coaster for the infuser
  • Included stainless steel tea infuser and stirring spoon are layered with titanium
  • The lightly speckled design gives a beautiful rustic aesthetic
  • Available in four attractive mineral-inspired colors: petro, limestone, flint, and garnet

Mora Ceramics Tea Cup - Dishwasher Safe Coffee MugThe world can be divided into two types of people: those who drink coffee and those who drink tea. And then, there is a special breed of individuals… who drink both. If you’re one of them, you’re already our favorite. And this beautiful tea/coffee mug from Mora Ceramics is about to be your new favorite.

If you love drinking tea but usually run on a tight schedule, you will certainly appreciate the loose-leaf tea infuser that is included with this set. Like the included spoon, the infuser is also constructed from stainless steel and coated with a protective layer of titanium, and it’s made to accommodate just the perfect amount of tea for the cup’s 12-ounce capacity.

Now for the cup itself: with its glorious ceramic build and duo-chrome design, this cup is bound to turn the heads of any visitors you entertain. The included ceramic lid is the perfect companion to this cup, not only helping to keep your beverage warm but also doubling perfectly as a coaster for the infuser.

And don’t worry about keeping your beautiful new cup set clean because the spoon, infuser, and the cup are all safe to be put in the dishwasher. The cup is safe for microwave use, although that is, of course untrue for the metal implements.

6. BTaT – Ceramic Coffee Cups Set of 6, 12 oz(350ml)

Highlighted Features

  • High aesthetic appeal with contrasting interior and exterior colors
  • Each mug has a holding capacity of 12 ounces
  • Smooth interior glazing allows for effortless cleaning
  • Equipped with a large round handle for easy holding
  • Safe for use in both the microwave and dishwasher

BTaT - Ceramic Coffee Cups Set of 6, 12 oz(350ml)So far, we have only reviewed single coffee mugs (and amazing ones, too, at that!). But what about those busy households where everyone needs their steaming mug of joe early before heading out? C’mon, we weren’t gonna leave you guys to fend for yourselves. So we’ve selected this gorgeous 6-piece set from BTaT that will appeal to anyone with good taste.

Each mug comes with a matte black exterior, which combines with the beautiful burnt-clay contrast of the mug’s insides. They would look more like traditional tea cups if not for their wide shape, which allows for a rustic yet modern feel that will beautifully match all of your existing dishware.

All of the mugs in this set are, of course, made from ceramic and are perfectly compatible with both your dishwasher and microwave. Each of the mugs has a capacity of 12 ounces, which we find is a decent capacity unless you start your mornings by gargling coffee.

Just kidding! Regardless of the small size, these cups are definitely worth adding to your dishware collection. Plus, because of their thick and sturdy construction, they also don’t get too hot for your fingers but keep your beverage nice and warm. What more could you ask for?

7. CLAPOYIS Ceramic Coffee Cup and Gold Spoon with gift box

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from high-quality ceramic
  • Set includes a golden spoon and wooden coaster
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher (but not the microwave)
  • Comes packaged in a beautiful luxurious box
  • The heat-resistant ceramic body keeps your coffee hot for longer
  • The mug has a capacity of 10.2 ounces

CLAPOYIS Ceramic Coffee Cup and Gold Spoon with gift boxSome of us love a cozy, homely aesthetic for our dishware and coffee mugs. Some of us like a futuristic or modern look. Then there are those of us who long to return to the days of glitzy aristocratic elegance. If you relate to that description, you’ll certainly love this next pick in ceramic coffee mugs from Clapoyis.

On the shiny black body of this mug is a beautiful golden marble pattern, which shows up in a gorgeous contrast and works harmoniously with the shiny golden handle of the mug. Included in the set is also an absolutely magnificent and delicate little stirring spoon, which, you guessed it, is also coated with a golden color. The included wooden coaster offsets the elegance of the mug beautifully, as well.

The heat-resistant ceramic construction of this mug is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve come across; however, it’s worth noting that this cup is somewhat liable to break, and it’s also quite heavy. We love the hefty feel, though, because it makes it feel that much more elegant. Do note, however, that this mug is not safe for use in the microwave, although it can be put in the dishwasher with no worries.

8. KELINGO Set of 4 Ceramic 14.8OZ Large Coffee Mugs

Highlighted Features

  • A defined base enhances the stability of each cup
  • Polka-dot design adds to the aesthetics of any kitchen or living room
  • High-quality ceramic construction with easy-to-clean interior glaze
  • Large and accessible handles to facilitate easy grabbing
  • Large 14.8 capacity holds all your favorite hot beverages with ease

KELINGO Set of 4 Ceramic 14.8OZ Large Coffee MugsOur final pick for you today is a beautiful set of 4 ceramic mugs from Kelingo. Each cup has a capacity of 14.8 ounces, the ideal size for most daily coffee-drinkers. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot milk you’re drinking, though, you’ll have fun every time—thanks to the beautiful polka-dotted design printed on each cup, which makes this set perfect for day-to-day use as well as for entertaining guests.

But these mugs are not just made to look good; they’re also built for ultimate durability thanks to their super sturdy ceramic construction. What’s more, all the cups are safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave, so you won’t have to worry about getting them properly cleaned or heating up your cooled-down beverages.

We love the traditional shape and design of the cups, with their defined bases that make setting them down easier and more secure. The handles are large, accessible, and easy to grab, to enhance your coffee-drinking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to buy a porcelain mug instead of a ceramic one?

Porcelain is technically a type of ceramic, but it certainly looks more elegant and is more durable in some cases. However, it’s also more expensive. Ceramic mugs, on the other hand, are able to retain heat better, so your coffee will stay warm longer.

2. Are the ceramic mugs dishwasher safe?

Most of them are; however, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

3. Is it safe to drink coffee from a ceramic mug?

If your ceramic mug is poorly made, there is indeed a chance of contracting lead poisoning as a result of drinking from it. A quality ceramic mug will be baked properly at high temperatures for a long time.

4. Can you put a mug with a cork bottom in the microwave?

Not all, but some. You’ll have to cook/steam the cork bottom in water first, though, because microwave ovens work by heating the moisture inside materials, and cork is naturally dry material.

5. Is it true that coffee tastes better out of a ceramic mug?

Well, as a neutral and solid material, ceramic neither imparts nor absorbs any flavors. This means that your coffee will simply taste like itself.

Final Words

This 18oz. mug from Bosmarlin certainly stands out for its considerate design, sturdy construction, and compatibility with the dishwasher and microwave. If you’re on a budget, this beautiful pastel offering from the same brand will surely appeal to you.

When it comes down to it, though, the best ceramic coffee mugs are not the most expensive ones, but the ones that make drinking coffee, well, easier!

May your coffee always be steaming hot and delicious!

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