About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to my coffee blog  where you will get to know all about me and what I do.  I am a coffee lover from Singapore. I love coffee so much so that I have travelled throughout the Asian region researching about coffee beans and in doing so, I collect, roast and study all there is to each bean and come up with conclusions about them, which enables me promote the best coffee ingredient and product. The Asian region is vast for Coffee lover and I collect the coffee beans from the following areas;

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Thai
  • India

I found it difficult when it came to finding a comprehensive website where I could get lots of information about coffee. Information such as coffee history, review, how to, recipes and coffee equipment lacked in the world wide web and this gave rise to my site, which is all about coffee. I love sharing the culture and ideas I get about coffee from all over the world and this is because I purpose to give my audience a sneak peek into all there is about coffee and how people from all around the world enjoy this amazing bean. Most people usually brew coffee the normal way without knowing that they are many ways one can prepare a great cup of coffee. On my site, you will find a number of recipes that I have collected from various cultures and you will have to agree that they are unique and awesome for the coffee lovers. Since I have also researched on the best coffee bean that will give you your desired rush of energy, checking out my site at all times will provide you with unending ways on how to brew your coffee.

it is also important to note that the equipment you use when preparing coffee usually matters a lot and this is because it influences the taste and quality of the coffee.