Does Coffee Make you Sexually Active?

If you have a routine of drinking coffee every morning and evening, congrats, you have a better sex drive! You might believe in the myths of caffeine dampening sexual interest. But no, the truth is exactly the opposite.

So, does coffee make you sexually active if you drink it regularly? Yes, it does! If you have a routined manner of drinking coffee, you can always expect to perform better, be more into it, and come with a better outcome when it comes to sex.

Let’s check out how coffee makes you sexually active and what else the benefits of coffee are in your sexual life.

Does Coffee Make you Sexually Active

What’s the Tea about Coffee?

If you know about erectile dysfunction, you probably already know what helps you stay away from it. And according to the studies and surveys, coffee can help you in staying away from erectile dysfunction. Through a study by the University of Texas, it is visible that people that drink more than one cup of coffee every day are 42% less likely to go through erectile dysfunction.

Scientists say that the reason behind this is the chemical reaction after drinking coffee. When you drink coffee, it triggers the reaction and as a result, there is an increment in the blood flow of your body. The blood flow increases to the penis and thus, relaxes your muscles.

However, researchers only vouch for drinking two cups a day because three can take the percentage down. Otherwise you will feel dehydrated. In that case, decaf can help you. The common question is “is decaf coffee is diuretic like regular coffee“? You should know it before you switch!

If you have diabetes, things won’t work the same for you, trust me! One thing you cannot deny is caffeine is a stimulant. And the work of a stimulant is to boost the energy and the body to go for more! That’s how you enjoy sex, isn’t it?

Coffee for Sexual Pleasure: Men vs. Women

According to the researches, coffee has a better and positive effect on women’s sexual contentment than men’s. There have been researches on female rats about this topic in 2006. And the outcome says that the female rats that were given caffeine returned for more sex than the rats that were not caffeinated.

Yes, humans and rats are different but there’s a reason why medical researchers test on rats seeing the similarities between rats and humans. But this works on humans too. If you ask- does coffee make you horny? We will tell you yes it does.

And on that note, more than men, it triggers females more. So, if you drink coffee both in the evening and the morning, you can see better results for sure. In this case, for better sex life, a fit body is necessary too. You can swap one coffee drink for green tea and find the best time to drink green tea for weight loss if you want outstanding performance.

Studies found out that a woman that drinks a cup of coffee is usually more aroused than a woman that doesn’t have coffee. So, in short, caffeine or coffee can easily trigger a series of pharmacological effects on your body.

These will help in increasing the blood flow to your genitals, in this case, female genitals. And if you want an amazing sex life, a healthy libido is a must! So, now you know that coffee makes you sexually active, isn’t it? On the other side, it triggers men in less percentage than women but it does too.

Can Caffeine Decrease your Sex Drive: The Myth?

You cannot just learn how to program Cuisinart Coffee Maker 14 cup and go for the coffee just to have better sex! Just like the common saying that coffee makes you sexually active, the opposite idea also is very popular. Some people say that coffee can dampen your sex drive. The common say is when you consume caffeine; it affects your blood sugar.

And this results in pressurizing the adrenal glands. Eventually, it makes libido-related hormone-releasing tougher. Yes, you might believe that but trust us, it’s a myth!

So, what should a java lover do to keep their sex life equally interesting? Should they leave coffee? Not at all! Yes, we agree that there are also studies that tell you caffeine can dampen your sex drive. But this is only true for people that have diabetes. After you drink coffee, if you have diabetes, it can easily raise the blood sugar level of your body.

This works for people that have type-2 diabetes. Keep in mind that if you are a healthy adult, 90% chances are, you won’t get into this confusion. For healthy people, what caffeine will do is boost your energy both at work and in bed! And if you are going ofr a dark roast, you can get better benefit. Check out French roast vs. Italian roast and switch to the darker one!

How Coffee Increases Sex Drive

  1. First of all, we have already told you, coffee increases libido. The blood flow is increased to the genitals when you drink caffeine and eventually, you get hornier and more into sex than the regular times! This works both for females and males. So, keeping a coffee maker with water line in your house is a necessity now! 
  • Once again, caffeine has the power of reducing erectile dysfunction by the increment of blood flow. If you do not get horny at the right time, most probably you are facing erectile dysfunction. If you mostly require ED medications or Viagra, you can switch to a healthy coffee routine. After drinking coffee, the bloodstream of your body absorbs the caffeine. As a result, it affects the cognitive functions of your body to the blood vessels. This works for triggering the chemical reaction of your body.
  • If you love coffee then you must know that athletes love it too. Caffeine enhances the performance of athletes by increasing adrenalin. In this situation, you can go for cup of red eye coffee Do you know what is red eye coffee and how it works? learn more about it! These sorts of cofffee can prepare the body for any physical exertion. And eventually, this is the reason why athletes are capable of training longer periods providing a better outcome. The same goes for any non-athlete too. If you are talking about a durable and long-term performance, you can always go for a good coffee routine. It will increase the duration providing you a good endurance in your bed.
  • When you drink coffee, the nervous system of your body activates neurotransmitters. And this is what can control your mood. With a cup of coffee, your mood usually is elevated by the activated serotonin and dopamine. You can tell us the drugs like cocaine can also enhance the mood. But in that case, coffee is of course a safer option, isn’t it? And thus, coffee makes you and your partner happy. That’s the start of a good sex day, right? 

Ways that Caffeine Dampens Sex Drive

So, it is true that caffeine dampens sex drive? In some cases, yes, it is true. But only in rare cases! The first fact, we have already discussed, caffeine will only decrease your sex drive if you have type-2 diabetes. So, if you are unhealthy, this can affect your sexual contentment.

Another thing that we should emphasize here is the anxiety that you go through when you drink coffee. Not always but sometimes, coffee can be the reason for sleeplessness and anxiety. Especially, this happens when you go through stress. And for stress and anxiety, you might not enjoy intercourses much.

Wrap Up

Now you know why coffee can lift your mood. So, even if you don’t have a coffee addiction, get a cup ready and purchase some amazing coffee! Coffee doesn’t only improve your sex drive but also boosts up your energy by keeping the body ready for anything!

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more information on coffee and how it helps you and select the best coffee you get from the market!

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