Brazil Coffee

Brazil Coffee

During the Early 20th century ,Brazil was the Largest Coffee producer in the world ,having a market share accounted of 80%. Towards today Brazil is still the largest coffee producer in the world mainly Arabica accounting 33% of the world Coffee Market. The Drop of market share was due to stiff compettion from Coffee exporter countries from south east asia like Indonesia and Vietnam.

During the 18th Centuries Brazil main agriculture export was sugar cane .There are barely no coffee in existence in Brazil during that period. As Coffee is not originated from any part of north nor south America , during those day Coffee Seed was hard to come by. Latter early 18th Century Coffee Plant was introduce by french missionaries.Initially during the period production of coffee was intentioned to feed the french colonies craze for coffee. Things changed during 1820, when coffee export business slowly picked up ,very soon in the early of 19th century coffee overtook Sugar cane as the main agriculture export in Brazil.By 1840 Brazil was the largest Coffee Exporter in the world supplying to America and Europe , was once the main fuel to Great Britain Industrializtion ERA and technological innovation /revolution . Even Towards todays , Brazil is still the Lagest Coffee producers in the world with a position staying un-challenged for 2 centuries.

History Of Brazil Coffee

According to Legend , coffee was unavailable in Brazil during the 18th centuries, Francisco De Melo Palheta was figuring a way on how to get a slice of the coffee monopoly business from the french nearby colony in Guina. During that time Coffee was treated as an asset of main agriculture export by many colonies. Thus the distribution of coffee seed sare thightly controlled and prohibited. Francisco De Melo Palheta managed to smuggle a few seeds by seducing the wife of the Governor. The First Coffee plant Bush was planted in ParĂ¡.

Gradually the Coffee plant spread from ParĂ¡ to Rio de Janeiro . During that time coffee was only produced to feed the demand of dosmetic market .Coffee Plantation slowly gain its popularity during the early of 19th centuries the first coffee boom occur around 1820 .The Coffee business flourished , where slaves were imported to work in coffee plantation to boost the coffee export of Brazil. From 1820 slave liberalization took placed and there is a short period of disruption and shortage of labor in coffee Plantation. But gradually Coffee Plantation owner slowly soughted out to applying machine , fertillzer and advance equipment , the production of coffee picked up and created a second boom during 1850 accounting a world export market share of 50%.

Tranformation of Brazil through its Coffee Business

During the Coffee Booming Area , the Brazil Economies experiencing a massive transformation . Coffee Elite or business parties who gained massive wealth from the coffee business starting to invest their earnings into infrastructures, railways, banking institution , and manufacturing plant. The activities has created a spiral effect on the whole economy supply chain creating new job oppurtunities and new businesses.The growth of business diversities brought rapid urbanization to Brazil.

Coffee as a commodities , has no immunne to any of the world financial collapse or uncertainty. During the great depression in the States, there was a steep gradual decline in Coffee Exports. Most of the small coffee plantation owner were wiped out during the incidents.

The Plunged of Brazil coffee commodities price during that period resulted the entire coffee business almost paralyzed causing its whole supply chain to collapse. Creating a phenomeneon known as orligarchies influence bringing a spiral economic disaster to the whole Brazillian Economy. Due to un-certainties and lack of inspired leadership within the coffee industries , there was a period of depression lasted for years , only until the economic condition of the States and Europe gradually pick up.

The Importance of Brazil Coffee in World Market

Today Brazil controls 33% of the world Coffee market,accounting 10% of the total commodities export of the countries.Its importance in the economy as the golden child which determine the moves of domestic stock market and gorvenment spending policies.

There are 13 states in Brazil growing Coffee, the largest region located in Sao Paolo,Cerrado,Sul DeMinas,Espirito Santo ,Bahia, Matas Deminas.There 300 000 to 500 000 farms across the country employing millions of people.

Cost determined everything in coffee production. Brazil have a fair advantage of large pools skilled coffee picker with low cost. After a few economic aftermath , Brazil Coffee now are more equiped and developed by applying technology and new supply chain method. Her title as the largest Coffee exporter will remain untouched for years coming by.

Types of Brazil Coffee Cultivated and Exported

There are a few main species of coffee cultivated in Brazil .Bourbon / Catuai / Acaia / Mundo Nuvo / Icatu. Normally the kind of process being used is the Semi Washed method or fully washed method

The main final product of Brazil Coffee being exported are Green Coffee / Roasted Coffee / Arabica / Robusta.

The Brazil Coffee Habitat and Harvesting Season

Coffee in Brazil are grown in both low land and high altitude Mountainous area.Sao Paulo is famous producing natural nutty flavour coffee bean, while Espirito Santo produce its coffee on mountainous high land with an altitude of 3800 ft above sea level. Bahia Produce Coffee by using large industrial farming method with machine and techlogy

Brazil Coffee are harvested during May to September , due to Brazil Tropical climate and rich mineral soil its a conducive enviroment to cultivate coffee.

Taste Of Brazil Coffee

Nutty / Sweet and Smooth